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I was talking to a fabulous some one via a game of ping pong emailing a few weeks ago and they mentioned Sushi for breakfast. I said Sushi? For Breakfast? Eek.. Now, Sushi period? Eeeeeek!

Now my entire life I’ve had bad experiences with sea food.. when I was 4 my mum fed me a prawn for the first time, I smiled at her and walked away only to spit it out & bury it in my mum’s rose garden at a family BBQ hoping no one would dig it up. Then when I was 12, I woke up to a house full of fish scented smoke from a Sunday morning brunch recipe that made my eyes almost pop out of my head. I refused to come out of my room until some one wafted the scent out with a tea towel. Then when I was 15 I attended my spanish families Christmas Eve party to be served with a plate full of Paella ( rice with saffron and SEAFOOD!). Oh, those poor little souls staring me in the face.. crab strips,  prawn, pippies, octopus (or more like pentapuses) you name it.. they were all sitting there, nestled in a dish full of yellow rice cooked to the bone.. fin.. whatever. I could almost hear them saying ‘Help Me!’ in little chip munk voices. Right about now the thriller-shreak sound effects come into place when I stare horrified at this plate full of what once was sea life. I was just never a sea food person..

But today, Sarah-Louise and Scott took me out on a date for Sushi.. this was going to be interesting. I am going to smile and put Sushi under the seafood category so if it doesn’t come under that food group .. (“,) We drove out to some where in Bulli and had a cool variety of coloured Sushi from salmon to tuna, and my favourite.. chicken.. hehe, which is kind of cheating seeing as though I always knew Sushi as raw fish and seaweed.

My favourite part was how the caviar covered rice rolls were served in a wooden boat. Plus Scott translated some Japanese symbols off the chop stick wrapper which was quite entertaining. At first I thought he was Punk’d-ING me by making out that the pronunciation of the symbols really were derived from what picture the symbols looked like. If you know Japanese you’d know what I’m talking about.  The experience so far was nice, and I hadn’t even had a bite of Sushi yet. Was this going to be all down hill from here?

I attempted to use my chop sticks and like the food inhaler I am I shoved an entire piece of Sushi in my mouth. Take note of my smile (for the moment)..

“Hmmm..  seaweed, interesting. Cucumber, crunchy. Hmmm.. very interesting” lol. Right about now my eye snuck in a little twitch, or maybe I’m trying to disguise a certain lazy eye?!

“You know what Scott? I’m full. No more for me”

..after 2 pieces 😉 hehe

Nah really it was pretty filling and suprisingly not too bad. Well, aside from the part where I drenched my salmon in soy sauce and twitched like an amazonian spider performing a mating dance, it was pretty bad. Eyes twitching, bouncing on my chair (completely automated mind you) and my fingers.. well they were trying to detach themselves from my hands.. Hmmm. On top of that, I tasted wasabi for the first time. The taste is like grass, celery and a hit of vodka in the after taste.. to me anyway. All very interesting indeed. There was a party going on in my mouth I tell ya.. and that Lipton Ice Tea gave my taste buds a little inspiration on how to pull out wicked some dance moves. Ah Hugh Jackman. Sigh.

But all was good when we decided to wash it down with a pretty epic cup of coconut ice cream ..mmm.

Sarah’s pretty cool for offering to record this with my camera.. she was laughing half  the time at my facial expressions & noises, but I’m shooting her wedding next weekend so I’m warming them both up for my “How to get the Bridal Party to Smile” verbal edition.

So the verdict of my experience with them tasting Sushi for the first time..

Overall taste – 3 star

Decor – 2.5 star

The company – 6 star 😉

Excessive amounts of soy sauce on Sushi in hope of giving it a different kick – 1 star

*No tea towels, garden beds or earmuffs (to avoid the haunting sound of chip munk voices) necessary.

See you all at the next post! x

  1. Jess says:

    I LOVE SUSHI!!!! sushi train vip 😉

  2. SushiTail says:

    I love your colorful description of wasabi. Sorry that your first sushi was a dud.

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