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Let me introduce you to Spencer, the family dog. He loves chasing birds around the back yard, running after a torch light.. and loves to really enforce the fact that if you decide to sit down on the grass he WILL lick you to death. He is a whopping 9 years old. Recently he injured himself and tore a ligament in his back leg. The poor soul limps everywhere but still insists on doing his daily bird chasing.. It made me smile yesterday when I decided to try something new with my camera.. he sits there, beady eyes wide open, ears erected and this little wet nose that screams ‘play with me!’ I’m like ‘Ok sweety, did you want to be my model?’. His face lights up to the tone of my voice. It’s the same tone I use when I come over and say ‘Spencer! We go for walk?!?!?’. You could imagine his reaction.

So I’m working the camera saying things like ‘Oh yep! Good boy, like that! Oooh who’s that? who’s that!? (in hope of getting that ‘looking in to space model look’  from him)’ mind you at this stage my voice pitch has sky rocketed to about 3 octives higher than my usual voice. It brings me back to Clemmett & Petal’s eSession.. sigh. Their dog Pickles (soon to be their flower girl at their wedding hehe) responded to this resonating high pitched ‘PICKLESSS’ yelp of mine. I sounded ridiculous but it gave me a good warm up in time for the wedding and gave Sarah & Scott a good laugh at my idiocy. lol.

So Spencer was happy to work it for the camera.. I’m telling you he was! He went from sitting their for hours on end doing squat, to getting in front of the camera and yawning here, looking away there, being all cute and stuff. Then at the very end, he topped it off with the finale.. crossed his arms and gave the “Chad Michael Murray Squint Look™/Waddup?” look.. Quite a character..

..Putting on a show for the camera.. Or maybe I was boring him?

..resting after a hard days work.

See you at the next post!


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