Mel & Pete Wedding | The Centro Lounge | Wollongong Wedding Photographer

Mel and Pete’s wedding was fun, warm and a little crazy at times but we all had a blast! Pete, Mel and I hold a record 3.5 hour consultation the first time we met.. I guess we had a lot to talk about? LOL. It has been my absolute pleasure getting to know them.. That they first met at KFC where Mel dropped a box of chicken and Pete didn’t even help her pick it up, despite standing only a meter away from her. So it wasn’t really love at first sight hehe. They got to know each other over the last 10 years and have a thousands of shinnanigans and random things I thought were quite cute.. Pete refuses to sit in the front passenger seat when Mel drives.. he insists on sitting in the back seat at he feels like he’s being chauffeurred around LOL! Mel has an everlasting collection of havaianna thongs and candles she can’t get enough of.. and Pete on a larger scale, collects cars lol. We sat there in their lounge room a year ago talking about anything and everything from eBay to cameras and even about the frustrations of road tolling and it’s mishaps. I loved their wedding dance. They danced to ‘Time of My life’ from the one and only Dirty Dancing and had a routine planned out specially for their moment 🙂 Their wedding was the first time I had witnessed a Bombe Alaska (Ok now I never knew exactly how to spell it and apparently it’s spelt that way.. so not as in we’re going to Bomb Alaska 😐 eek.. that’s a little awkward,, anyhow..) It was an amazing dessert presentation and I was feeling ‘HOT’ ‘HOT’ ‘HOT’ afterwards hehe. Ok I get it, I’m not funny.. So here you go Mel and Pete’s Centro Lounge wedding.

The guys being cool 🙂

Kind of a random shot but I love the bird and candidness.. sigh.

and Mel had the cheekiest little smile all day.. even if it snuck out from a wedding-stress-frown when she knew I was about to take a candid shot hehe.

..and what’s a wedding without the cars 🙂

..Yes you’ve reached the end.. I’m off to go watch Dirty Dancing 🙂 *do dah doo*

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