The Beach | My Serenity

Today’s weather was a little whack. Cloudy, humid, overcast again and then stinker hot.. I decided to take a break from editing and sat on Port Kembla Beach remeniscing the good times.

I remember basking in the sun early December for hours on end with my cousin Jess.. lying on my polka dot beach towel staring at the clouds with Paul the day after Year 12 formal.. the smell of sea weed when you step out of the car.. the hot potato act you play with the souls of your feet along the bitumen.. walking with my head down avoiding the beached blue bottles taking their last breaths (or gurgles?).. also potentially tripping over a log or stick on the sand if I tune out.. getting smashed by waves and feeling good about getting a cardio work out, not to mention the odd dunk here or there resulting in a weeks worth of picking sand granules out of my hair.. the feeling salt stuck to my skin after getting out of the water.. wrinkles on the tips of my toes from staying in the water too long.. the awesome beached hair mother nature had in store for me once I dried your head out the window on the way home.. listening to the Fireflies song between beach hopping trips.. and my favourite part, the refreshing stick of Icy Pole at the village you’re deserving of afterwards.

The beach is my favourite place in the world. My escape. My serenity. I suggest you take a day off and dedicate the entire day to chillaxing at the beach.

Litter. Sigh.

Lanky toes 🙂

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