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Well as you know I only introduced a blog to my website a month or so ago and ever since I have been hooked! ..So everyday I am constantly trying to balance my time with searching my hard drives for past shoots/weddings I would love to share with you guys.

How could I forget the engagement part of Sam & Sarah. I loved being at their engagement party for 4 hours flew! I remember sitting down for not even 15 minutes during their dinner break (I’ve gathered people don’t like to be photographed when they’re eating), and recall having about 7/8 people with no more than 2 minutes intervals apart asking me if I wanted something to eat. LOL! It was a lebanese engagement party and although the night started out with a very frustrated Sarah from having to wait over an hour to enter due to late guests she gave me some great advice. She said ‘Just a heads up for your next lebanese event/wedding, be prepared to stay an additional hour or so as no lebs are ever on time!’ She stated it was because if everyone were to turn up early there would be a chance of being the first to arrive and that would be ‘uncool.’ No joke. I thought it was really cute how Sam was oh so calm and Sarah, looking so stunning in her custom designed dress couldn’t wait any longer to march down that driveway with her fiance. hehe.

So here goes, the engagement party of two fabulous people.

I said to Sarah, let me take a photo of your gorgeous shoe. She reluctantly lifted her dress and said ‘I have stockings on, it might look weird’. The girls cracked up because they though it looked goofy. The shoes were stunning though.

The newly-weds to be! 🙂 This is so sweet. Sam was such a gentleman.

And what Engagement party photographer would I be if I didn’t pay extra attention to her gorgeous dress?

Pre-party laughs.. lol.

Dancing Dancing.. and more Dancing!

The ring almost blinded me. Lucky girl. Sam decided he wanted to surprise her with a custom designed ring. During the jewellry ceremony he pulled it out and she gasped wih adoration for her new bling.

and due to their no alcohol tradition, passido worked just fine!

Their engagement dance.. ‘My Endless Love’ never gets old.

I counted about 10 flower baskets in their engagement gift pile / corner / room.. Ok ok it was their entire backyard patio. It was a big family ok!

Pink pink pink pink pink!! Favourite detail shot of the night. I think because it’s pink.

Well that wraps it up for these 2..

All engagement party packages comes complimentary with a DVD cinematic slideshow, an online website displaying all your shots & best of all a personal experience with your photographer!

See you all at the next post!

Your engagement party photographer, Ela.!

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