Engagement Ring – Kiama Wedding Photographer

I shot Sarah & Sam’s engagement party last year in August to capture their traditional Lebanese festivities. I love this ring shot to date, amongst a few others. I guess it’s because I’m a pink junkie. I mean, when I was 16 I asked my mum if I could paint my room hot pink and lime green. At first she was reluctant to allow such a ridiculous request.. but she came around and I love her for it. My brother made fun of me for a whole year calling my room a watermelon. You see we lived in this 40 year old house with cornices and skirting boards just below the ceiling, so we painted the green on top and the rest a hot pink colour that you could fry and egg on in Summer. My point is, I loved it and they say the colour of your room effects your mood. Which explains why I am so loud and bold around family and friends.

Another idea I had a year ago was a green Volkswagon Beetle. You know those cute little things that drive around looking like a semi circle. Well my brother had a say in that as well replicating the idea of it being a watermelon on wheels.

Maybe I should have made this post about the perks of brotherhood….

Happy Wednesday morning! See you at the next post!

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