Wollongong Editorial Shoot – Illawarra Fashion Photographer

Hey guys, this shot is a test shot from the previous shoot I did on the weekend. Used my orbis ring flash to camera left at about 45 degrees. I believe it was shot in front of a garage in the middle of Wollongong CBD. That’s ok, the low aperture disguises that. Shot at an f/1.8 and about 3 hours in photoshop. I was watching a new video tutorial on high end fashion portrait retouching and fell in love with the work of Natalia Taffarel, one of the world’s best portrait retouchers. So I thought I would follow along with the tutorials and fast track it on a shoot I did last weekend. Using my previous knowledge of the liquify tool had a bit of remoulding I wanted to test and others. I am posting the before and after on my blog here. In my honest opinion it looks a little cartoon-like, but the finished product didn’t give me that final ‘wow’ factor so I added a Dragan preset in Lightroom to give it a little bit of a kick.

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