Tash & Brad – Wedding – City Beach Function Centre – Illawarra Wedding Photography

Brad and his little girl caught in a moment just after the ceremony. First time I met Tash and Brad they told me about their 3 beautiful children and how they have done everything backwards.. I met them in their pre-wedding hotel at Novatel North Beach and they were like a mini version of Tash.

Just before the ceremony kiss, Brad turned around and said to the kids ‘what do you reckon guys? am I allowed to kiss Mummy?’ ..the kids giggled and nodded with a smile of ‘permission granted’ right before Brad kissed Tash as his wife for the first time. It was a ceremony on the pebbled walkway of South Beach.

This shot I love.. it captured the happiness Brad felt at that moment holding his daughter close. He was truly a stand up guy and Tash was, and is, one top chick.

I met another lovely couple at the wedding, Emma and Daniel. Met up with them last week and am honoured to be their wedding photographer next year!

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