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Wedding photo & video is our thing … but more and more over the years in business (particularly in the last 5 years) lifestyle shots for your business is becoming more of a necessity, not so much as a luxury.

You hear a lot of the buzz word ‘personal brand photography‘ right? What does that mean? Well essentially it’s a way your audience can connect with the face behind the brand to build trust and connect with your brand.

Take the brand Virgin for example. For decades Richard Branson has always been the face of the brand – the association of the feeling you get when you think of Virgin airways, virgin mobile, virgin active and so on … When you think of Virgin, you think cheeky, lifestyle, playful … all the things that Richard Branson is personality-wise.

Rewind back to 2018 when I had the opportunity to go on a national tour of Australia to present to small-medium enterprises about what it means to build your brand, a lot of business owners had trouble gaining the clarity of what their 3 Brand Words were … like they were caught in a bubble of serving in their business, it wasn’t something they’d ever really thought about. Do you find this sometimes in your business as well?

That’s normal, and it’s a part of running a business – getting your personal brand photos to speak a certain emotion to your clients, for your website to convey who you are to your audience with your copy, then being able to present on video for content marketing in your business to connect and build a relationship over time … All part of the space we get to step into as business owners each and every day 🙂

Reach out if you have any questions, wanna brain storm ideas or want to chat about some personal brand photos for your business and website 🙂 x

Images of the beautiful Rebecca from Sydney’s Go To Spray tanning salon, Glowbybeca.

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