Saso & Sarah Tanevski | The Lagoon | 15 hours of Fun!

What an amazing day yesterday!! 😀 Saso & Sarah tied the knot after an amazing 7 years.  What a dynamic couple they are! Sarah is always laughing or being silly & Saso loves his car. What man doesn’t right? Every time I’ve met them our conversations always go an hour over & they’re such a joy to be around.

They had their reception right on the water at the Lagoon Seafood Restaurant, Sarah looked so stunning in her one-of-a-kind Alex Perry wedding gown & Saso’s speech was accompanied by a few tears. What an amazing 16 hours! It went so quick with such an energetic guest list 🙂 Enjoy their highlights!! There were so many great dance images that couldn’t fit in this entire blog post so here’s a teaser until the rest of their images are edited and ready within 2 weeks.

To view their eSession click here.

Click Play to view their highlights slideshow and & images from our next day highlight edit below.






































































































































































































































































































































































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