Ela Photography’s Sibling gets hitched Tomorrow!

News flash.

It’s been 4 years. My brother, Ian, 25, is getting married to his dear love Melanie tomorrow.

Ever have those couples in your life who have something magical? Something indescribable? ..You know the kind of love that makes you want to vomit.. the mushy stuff, y’know?

Well this is what they have. They spend every waking hour together, are each others halves (a bit like ying yangs), and have been through thick and thin together. Melanie even survived the sister in law test (yes that was me muhaha!) ..

Yes I’m shooting the wedding. I get to be part of their day, the ins and outs and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Minus the reception, we have Simon filling in for the indoor flash stuff .. but it’s going to be weird sitting down at a reception venue. I’ll be having photo withdrawals maybe?

I had the talk with Melanie last week that there’s still time. She seems pretty determined to marry into our crazy family. Good luck to her! lol.

Next blog post will be on my post-wedding stiletto blisters.. you know happens at every wedding, we pay for an overprices pair of peep toes that says Fashion is Pain. Everytime.






  1. Ian Aurino says:

    Well i feel absolutely disgusted with myself for not checking out my own sisters website sooner!

    In regards to the photographing of my wedding! My sister has done an amazing job and I absolutely love the look and feel of the acrylic album!

    High five sister.

    P.S Love you!

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