Behind the Scenes Video – Do it Differently

I love what I do.

Blog neglect for the past month on my part, yes. Loss of passion for photography, heck no. *insert cheesy grin*

So I thought it’d be cool to share with you a behind the scenes video of what it’s like to be on a Fashion shoot with us. It’s really fun. Plus you get lot’s of high fives on the day and I trip at least once which can be humorous.

With my wedding clients, I emphasise a pre-wedding shoot is absolutely essential in order to fine tune all of your best angles, congruent poses to relfect your personality .. but secretly it’s really for them to see my “bumble-bee-in-a-jar” behaviour.. just in case they need to rebook another wedding photographer in time for the wedding day. Ok I’m kidding.

Part of what I do is bringing the energy to the day. I believe in doing what ever it takes to have your subjects relax in front of the camera to acheive the best possible results. Having that personal connection with your photographer is absolutely essential. I like to believe my emphasis on a personal experience in my business, makes everything a whole lot easier.. especially with Free Hugs. Because every one loves hugs right? ..

So what can I say? have a look.. Remember to make today a win, and hope you enjoy watching the Fun experience you could have when you book a Beauty / Model Portfolio shoot with us.

  1. Di Chalk says:

    Excellent Pamela. Great to see you in action. Great photos of beautiful girls.

    Well done.


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