Seaspray Wedding Expo | Excessive Chatting & Marshmallows :)

Well hello everyone!

This weekend has been a little crazy.. yesterday’s 43 degree heat wedding on the beach (with little or no shade) called for one VERY dizzy Ela sitting under some trees with soaking wet towels over my head whilst sipping a bottle of coles mineral water LOL. I looked pretty ridiculous shooting the bridal party shots with my new towel fashion statement, but it was the only thing keeping me from falling over and potentially swallowing a mouthful of sand. 7 glasses of lemonade at the gorgeous Harbourfront Restaurant later and I was back in the game. Also two huge thumbs up for their awesome meat balls and lovely waiters.. mmm (to the meat balls I mean). The bride and groom made their way through the arch way upon departure and said.. “Can you give us a lift home?” hehe. So off the three of us went to the Novatel and parted ways with a giant smile.

On to today.. I exhibited at the Illawarra Weddings Seaspray Expo in Shell harbour today. Now today’s weather was more like it! I started the morning off with a white hot chocolate at met the fabulous Janette from Lilies and Lace Weddings. Amazing artificial floral arrangements, something a little left of centre for the bridal bouquet. Then came lots of fabulous brides to be at 10:05. If you know me personally, you would know I LOVE to talk! LOL. So this expo was heaven for me, and on top of that met some smiling faces I will not forget. Although I have a very sore throat.. not a word of a lie! It might be the weather but it must be my 160 words per minute dialogue LOL.

Chocolate covered marshmallows were given out at the end by Mario from Essentric.. the left over chocolate in my cup was so good I decided to  discard any lady etiquette rule book and devoured the last of it in one big gulp hehe. I’m hoping no one saw me.. What can I say? It’s chocolate!

Now I’m settling in to my Sunday night outfit (moo moo flannelette pants), giant cup of tea and getting lost in my kindle. I am so excited to get in contact with everyone through the week! Talk to you all soon!

..and some eye candy for today’s blog post.. a sneak preview of Josh and Elisha’s 43 degree wedding yesterday! hehe.

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