Alicia & Ash – eSession | Gerringong

Sunday morning I got to see Alicia and Ash again all the way from sunny Canberra 🙂 They’re having their wedding at Bella Chara in March and I can not wait! When I first met these two they were sweet, laid back and Alicia had a smile that Ash could bring to her face without fail. Ash had a really cool hat on that day.. and to this day have always killed to wear a cap just like it except I have a funny shaped head and in a failed attempt to pull it off I fear I would look like a mushroom wearing a cap LOL. Onto sweeter things.. we started off at Fern St in Gerringong in the early hours of the morning and yes I gave them the Ela style quirkiness one would experience on a photoshoot after I’ve consumed a Chai 🙂

She looks good without even trying..

Alicia has gorgeous curly locks 🙂 ..Jealous.

What a lovely couple!


  1. Chloe Holmes says:

    What a gorgeous array of photos little sister. These will be a lovely momento later. Very jealous!

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