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Beauty Head shots with Cortney Apro from Powder Puff Make up Artistry. The most recent MUA I have worked with and am happy to recommend.

Despite the flawless look of this image.. the lead up to get this image was far from it! On the way to the shoot I got blocked in on the freeway, causing me to find my way to the Uni through Wollongong’s CBD due to getting off the wrong exit.. I had to turn back after 10 minutes because I forgot the dresses for the shoot.. Then arrive at Cort’s house smelling like a wet poodle (as you do when you stress out trying to navigate through a high traffic area lol).. Which resulted in only 45 minutes for the shoot.. THEN left my mobile phone at the house we were shooting at.. Mama Mia! You would never have known right? :p lol. In all seriousness.. something was against me that day. sigh.

On a more positive note, just a sneak preview until the rest are edited 🙂

more to come..

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