Tuesday Randomness – One of My Best Friends – Personal Post

So my life consists of wonderful people, friends, family and colleagues. One of them is this here best friend of mine.

Everyone meet Ipek! She also goes by Ips, pekki, pekman.. whichever tickles you. We went out yesterday for a road trip into the distance . With the midday sunlight against us, we trecked around trying to find some cool locations. Before hand we made a pit stop at Bella Mia Body and Hair and her make over rocked. After she got out, I said ‘You don’t look like my best friend!’ (in a complimentary way ofcourse.) Now Pekky (being the diva she is), refused to have her picture taken around people, which eliminated Market St, Wollongong due to all the construction workers and passers by. But never-the-less I dealt with the fact that she is cheeky, silly, NEVER serious and that she was a little intimidated by my camera. Never mind myspace and facebook shots with a point and shoot camera, oh no, she was just fine taking those ones. But there was something about a formal photo shoot she didn’t like. lol.

So it’s her 21st birthday coming up in October and I thought I would put together a little guest book for her fabulous birthday reception at Panorama House. This year has/is going to be very expensive with gifts for my friends turning 21 : lol. Which reminds me, I need to start planning my 21st .. so many places to have it so little time! :s So I have a choice between going over seas, or sharing a great big party with all my family and friends. Any suggestions?

So the below shot is a perfect reflection of who she is.. full of life and always smiling. The girl who says it how it is. The girl who compliments my fear in restaurants of asking for a COLD glass of water by so effortlessly pulling a waitress aside and requesting a new bottle of water (preferably colder than room temperature). The girl with the unforgettable giggle. The girl who could eat cottage cheese & crackers all day long if she wanted to.  The girl who always insists on driving (perhaps maybe she fears my driving). The girl who always orders the biggest seafood meal on the menu. The girl with the weirdest Ten Pin Bowling throw, but surpisingly enough dominates the game (out of the girls). The girl who would never judge you. The girl who will be the first one to get up and dance. The girl who says ‘Watevs’. The girl with the most independence. The girl I can’t live without. xx


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