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Fathers Day celebrations called upon a family morning tea at the In-Law’s house, 2 very cute infants to photograph and a stomach load of scones and tea.. mmm..

As you know I never leave the house without my camera so I had a little fun with my ever so gorgeous niece. She’s a total gem. Grandma & Poppy (one of my two favourite people in this world) came down for Father’s Day and to meet Baby Jamie for the first time. So you could imagine the sighing going on this one Saturday morning. Poppy is wonderful.. we were looking at Dave’s new tattoo of Jamie’s name on his arm. Grandma & Poppy had 5 girls all up in the family.. and Poppy cracked me up when he said ‘I would have to be an octopus to get a tattoo for every daughter.’ You had to be there 🙂


ending it off with my favourite 🙂

and we can’t forget my newborn nephew, Baby Jamie. Love this moment with Grandma & Poppy. Awesome shaft of light coming in from the window just on Jamie. yay! ..Sleeping as usual.

That’s all folks!

See you at the next post! Ela.

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