Introducing My New Baby! – 50mm 1.2L & 5DMk2 – I never leave the house without it!

Although my dog is adorable I am actually here to blog the announcement of my very new Canon 50mm f/1.2L Lens! Woohoo! I have been waiting for this baby for a while now, I finally gave in. After much deliberation as to whether it should be an investment of the present.. Here I am with a big smile on my face blogging it’s existence. I have been loving the bokeh of this lens since I got it. It’s sharp and I love it on my 5Dmk2 🙂 ..My Old 50D would limit the angle of view on my old 50mm lens and now putting my favourite items together, I really can’t put it down : I carry it wherever I go. So here’s my first test run with my new baby. I went to visit Mum on the way back from Camera House in Wollongong (still wearing a big grin) and chased my dog around the back yard taking shots. I’ve missed our family labrador, Spencer, ever since I moved out in October 2009. So what better way to bond with him than to disturb his afternoon bird-chasing ritual, and trying to get his attention with a high pitch/bossy yelp of my own. Enduring the cluttered garage, I believe this shot (see below) was strictly the moment after I said ‘Spencer, what’s that?’ haha. I’m good aren’t I? Let me introduce you to my poser dog, who knows a Canon from a Nikon if you’d put it in front of him. He doesn’t admit it (you know being a talk-less dog and all) but he loves photos, he loves cameras and if given the opportunity would star in the next sequel of ‘Look who’s talking now’ in a heart beat. Woof! 🙂

Love it’s precision, sharpness and it makes me jump up and down! 1.2-ness! mmmm.

See you all at the next post! Your (very random) Wedding Photography, Ela.!

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