Sydney Wedding – Andres & Stephanie – By Kiama Wedding Photographer

Love this shot.. with the help of 3 bridesmaids and a flower girl to assist with the petal throwing.. we have this! 🙂

I remember this as an even funnier shot than meets the eye. You see.. her very quirky but awesome bridesmaids threw the petals earlier than I had said. I was simply demonstrating saying ‘ok girls I’ll go 1.. 2.. 3.. then throw on three’ ..but before I could get my words out they had thrown the flowers before I could get out my last few words. Followed this was an outburst of laughter from our entire crew.. until we tried it again 5 minutes later.
This shot depicts exactly what Steph and Andres were like on their wedding day.. happy & crazy in love. This shot makes me giggle.

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