When I first met Nadia & Jarrad, we sat at the table, Jarrad went to place the coffee order at the counter & looked over at Nadia with a smile before he left. At some stage later, I commented to Nadia on how all-rounded Jarrad was in the planning & how they made such an awesome team ...
Nadia smiled over at me and responded: 'Yeah, I'm very lucky' with a relaxed smile on her face. She is gentle, kind & hard working - and Jarrad goes above for their future and respects & adores Nadia.

They are the definition of team mates, best friends & hard working. They're loyal, down to earth and have a thing or two they've learned from both their parents who, in total, have over 60 years of marriage wisdom combined ;)

Nadia & Jarrad have had their fair share of travels together over the years with their best friends who were excited to celebrate as a part of their bridal party ... Nadia & Jarrad were even were brave enough to plan their wedding AND renovating their first home ... all in 12 months.
(Don't try this at home).

Their beautiful Italian wedding had speeches that left no dry eye in the house, a  fun father-daughter dance that had everyone giggling, and two families so thrilled seeing these two tie the knot after growing up together & achieving so much in their lives since graduating uni & eventually getting engaged.

Enjoy their gallery, I had a hard time cutting photos down because there were too many that I loved ;) xx