Hey there!

You know, this is more-so about YOU ... but seeing as though you've landed here,  here's my story & some random facts about me ... I’m Ela, a chai latte obsessed, nature buff, photographer & owner of Ela Studios.

Back in 2008 I was an 18 year old, honours degree, Uni drop-out with nothing but a kit lens & camera body I won on an eBay auction, a bucketload of enthusiasm & a dream to become a wedding photographer. (Oh, and a pink Sony Vaio laptop I thought was the coolest things at the time - lol)

I remember it so vividly, my brother gave me a lift to Uni and gave me a pep talk about how life is too short not to do what you love & to reach for your dreams no matter what. (I guess the plan to be a dentist was toast as I felt a sense of relief wash over me. Like I had the permission to dream.)

So in my excitement (or naivety?), with no plan, eyes lit up for all the possibilities to work hard at something & start a new chapter, I walked out of my 9:30am Chemistry lecture on hybridised SP3 orbitals & caught the first bus home after withdrawing from my degree ... and I haven’t looked back since!
I took a wild leap of faith as a UNI drop-out chasing after a creative dream.

15 years later and hundreds of love stories I've been entrusted to capture, still as passionate as ever, I'm living that very dream.


Our couples are the epitome of Beautiful, inside & out.
They're fun, family oriented, they make a great team, they're uber sweet towards each other & their wedding day is a celebration of their Love story with the people they love ... If that's you, I gotchu boo!

When I'm not taste testing portions of wedding cake at reception, you’ll find me unplugged near the ocean at a
cafe somewhere reading, playing my guitar, or laughing at something (mostly myself).

I’m Italian, Spanish & Filipino. So my perfectionism, Love-O nature & sick work ethic translates through everything I do.
I also make a mean lasagne, dance is my natural state & I was born with a karaoke mic in my hand.
Donuts are my favourite thing in the world. Also, I think coffee is overrated. There I said it!

Family & Faith is the foundation of everything in my life & when you have that kinda Love, you have it all.

So often I'm asked by guests at reception if I knew the couple personally beforehand because of how easily we all get along on the day with their bridal party & guests - like family ;)

If you'd like to chat more about how we can help capture your unique love story - I'd love to hear from you!

We offer full service Photography & Video packages for couples wanting the best of both worlds to remember the day.
Or we can tailor a package for stand alone photography or video or custom quote for something as intimate as a relaxed elopement. I'm excited to hear from you!