Meet The Team

So now you’re engaged and looking for a wedding photographer who will absolutely do justice to how perfect your wedding day was intended?

Additionally, you wouldn’t mind someone who isn’t an old grump, or takes awkward photos you wouldn’t want public anyway?

Oh! So you’re after someone energetic and fun who will make the day so stress free you would never go back and change a thing? Funny that! Ela Studios can help you with all those things!

Do you like Coffee? So do we! We’re off to a good start!

As a team of Photo + Video Creatives on your special day, our mission is to capture your beautiful Wedding Day as it was intended! And to eat cake.

Wedding photography comes in all shades of awesome so let’s have a chat about how we can help you cherish your wedding day memories for a lifetime and a day. Without all of that awkward stuff.

We have a fabulous team here at Ela Studios HQ, after rapidly growing we now have 4 photographers, 6 videographers and in house editors and designers who love piecing together all your memories and images from your special day ready to show you! We’re all one very big happy family and we love working together as a team to show you an amazing experience! Team photo selfies coming soon!!

I personally love handwritten letters in the mail, Penpal style, but I think the digital world has killed those days, so a message or email is absolutely fine!

With love, Pamela.
Head Honcho at Ela Studios.

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